About us


The Laughing Llama stands as an homage to those artisans who believe in
the power of the hand-crafted. We are committed to safety, quality, and
sustainability, from selecting prime, non-toxic materials to showcasing local
artists' hand-blown glass pieces that withstand the test of time and travel.
We don’t take shortcuts. Our collections are meticulously selected offering
only durable, beautiful and highly performing products.

About Us

At the heart of The Laughing Llama is Will Clark, whose passion for cannabis and glass art has been beautifully complemented by his wife and business partner, Kim. Her devotion to client relations and financial acumen brings an exceptional shopping experience. 

Inspired by the old-world charm of glass artistry, Will has dedicated  years learning the craft for himself, to better understand the pieces that stand in stark contrast to the soulless, mass-produced market.

Their united vision champions non-toxic, sustainable practices, offering products created with prime materials by local artists with designs that honor both tradition and innovation.

Our Philosophy

We curate relaxation and we’re all about the chill. The Laughing Llama is your cozy corner in a hectic world, our products are a celebration of moments, highly selected for those well-deserved pauses in life.

Through our use of prime supplies without toxic materials, we ensure each piece is not only safe and clean but also sustainable. The annealing process, a crucial step in our glassblowing, cures micro-fractures, fortifying the durability of your piece against life's rough handling. These pipes, portable and easy to use, endure and delight beyond comparison. Join us in embracing the slow and the sublime, so when you light up, you're savoring the art of leisure, one breath at a time.